10 Brands That Help Make The World A Better Place Every Time You Buy

Scary huh? Everyone is striving to life a more eco-friendly, sustainable, plastic free, conscious life (or at least we feel we should to keep up with that one friend that seems to be able to do all this without a fault!)

So, to help you out we here at COTW have compiled a list of SIMPLE SWAPS of brands that GIVE BACK so you can be the most conscious shopper there is. Trust us adding these things to your shopping cart will make you not want to go through a Self-Checkout. Cause it?s hard not to brag sometimes right?

?We believe that every person has equal value and the right to a life free from poverty? Is?Thankyou?s?motto for their business and we are so THANKFUL that this brand exists from hand soaps, sanitisers, water and baby supplies for our little man Lachie we know that by purchasing these items we are making a difference and contributing to?Thankyou?s?$6.2 Million Dollars in giving and supporting 857 000 people in need. Who wouldn?t want to get behind that?

Our favourite products include:
? a. Botanical Patchouli & Vanilla Hand Wash
? b. Antibacterial Hand & Surface Sanitiser Spray
? c. Baby Top to Toe Bath Wash

Buying toilet paper online? 2019 is full of weird and wonderful things. With all their toilet paper being 100% PLASTIC FREE, made from environmentally and recycled materials and 50% of their profits donated to help build toilets for those in need you won?t mind doing a few online clicks for this paper rather than walking down the loo paper aisle.

1.8 MILLION DOLLARS has already been donated by this company so why grab some of this pretty paper, donate to charity and show your friends how #sustainable you are next time they come over (cause let?s be honest if you can buy eco-friendly loo paper your life looks more put together than a thousand piece jigsaw puzzle!)

Who doesn?t love the royal family, reducing waste and ending poverty (the only correct answer here is no one)??Outland Denim?is your one stop (online) shop for buying the coolest, stylish and empowering jeans ever. They use less water, less energy, sustainable practices and give employment and education opportunities to women who have experienced sexual exploitation. It?s company taking a tragic issue and creating something beautiful out of it.

And Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle have the same jeans so that?s pretty snazzy aye! Nice to see those two finally having something in common.