3 Ways To Wear A Linen Jacket

A?linen jacket?not only looks smart but the iconic hot weather material famed for its cool and breathable feel provides the ultimate armour to see you through the summer months. Wear it for any occasion from the sun-baked office to laid-back holidays and keep your style fresh.

One of the oldest textiles in the world, the Ancient Egyptians wore linen to beat the desert heat and now over 4,000 years later we still turn to it when the mercury rises. Crafted from the flax plant, the seeds of which add a boost of Omega-3 and protein to your muscle-building smoothies, it?s the structure of linen?s natural fibres that give it its airy feel.

The miracle fabric?s absorbency helps to quickly wick away moisture so it can evaporate before so you notice it, meaning you don?t have to swelter whenever the heatwave comes around.

Read on for our guide of 3 ways to assemble your new favourite blazer.

The perfect 9-to-5 fabric

Linen?can easily be dressed up for the office by treating it much like you would a traditional wool jacket. By opting for a darker colour you can instantly create a professional look that doesn?t show up wear so easily, which you can contrast with lighter?chinos?or?suit trousers?for effortless styling.

The?accessories?make all the difference in making the look appear put together. So a lightweight?tie?such as a?knit?or more open?Grenadine?weave gives the right impression without adding any weight.

For maximum effect, go with a?cotton-linen blend.

Date night wingman

Your outfit needs to be able to handle a whole range of temperature changes on a romantic summer date. While it might be 30-plus degrees when the evening starts out it can quickly drop, especially at a rooftop bar where the breeze comes into play.

Your?linen jacket?is the ideal layering piece as the unstructured fit won?t constrict you but provides a protection against the elements. It?s also casual enough to pull over a thin?jumper?when the sun goes down for a relaxed ensemble.

Plus your date will appreciate your gentlemanly offer to lend your jacket to them should they forget one of their own.

Summer holiday saviour

An off-duty essential, a?linen jacket?makes the perfect choice for lazy weekend brunches or spontaneous trips away where you can easily slip it on without hesitation. The best travelling companion, you can explore the sights freely without getting in a sweat.

Ideal for completing a simple outfit such as an?untucked?casual shirt?with?chinos?or jeans, stay with a minimalist colour palette of greys, whites and blues to make building your outfit easy.

For a touch of individuality, why not add a splash of pattern with a?patterned pocket square? Either traditionally placed within the jacket pocket or tied as an on-trend neckerchief it helps amp up your look.