How to Dress for Work

Navigating workwear dress codes can be confusing. Here your top workwear questions answered.

Are dresses work appropriate?

Dresses?are the perfect option for?women’s workwear.?Midi dresses?are a lovely option for work, especially when the weather is warmer, adding a feminine feel. If shorter hemlines are best for your silhouette, ensure that your dress length ends just above the knee, not any shorter.

Shift dresses?and?shirt dresses?are other shapes which are chic as a workwear option. Plus, they?re perfect for desk to date night outfitting.

What is considered?women’s business attire?

Women?s business attire can vary greatly in terms of formality between workplaces. Follow these easy styling tips to ensure you are workplace appropriate.

Suiting is a classic, business formal option. There are styles to suit everyone, from on-trend checks to wide leg linen suits perfect for the summer season. Not wanting to suit-up everyday of the week? Mix and match your?jacket?and?pants?with different pieces other days of the week.

If a suit is too formal, opt for tailored pants and a collared shirt or soft blouse for a relaxed workwear outfit.

Remember?dress shoes?are required unless it?s casual Friday, then your denim jeans and sandals are acceptable.

Are skinny?pants?work appropriate?

Work pants?should be a tapered rather than a skinny fit. Opt for slim tailored trouser such as the?Grace Pant?for a flattering pant choice for work. Another slim leg style which suits all shapes is our high-waisted?Georgia Pants.

What type of?work tops?are good for the office?

For more formal workplaces, choose tops that cover your shoulders. For a more casual workplace, a light camisole or t-shirt silhouette can look effortless and chic under a tailor jacket.