Modern Jewelry this New Year

If you?ve been following me this past month or so you would have perhaps noted that I?ve been a bit obsessed with fine jewellery this season. I?ve had the privilege to style and adorn such stunning works of art and I just can?t seem to get enough. So here I am with more jewellery, introducing you to a new brand in the market ? Diamond Constellation.

Beautiful workmanship, both contemporary and traditional designs ? what I had fun doing the most was styling their jewellery with 2 very non-traditional looks. Because you should be able to wear your jewellery out of wedding functions too! One very sexy, casual look and the other a simple, chic look ? both western. A diamond necklace with a grey linen blazer? YES.PRETTY.PLEASE! I?d love to know which of these 2 looks you like more. Outfit details are all given towards the end of the post. Cheers!