Summer Trends To Avoid and What To Wear Instead

Fashion trends are a minefield at the best of times, but during the summer the explosion of colours, prints, and lack of clothes in general, means experimenting with the latest styles can hit the mark spectacularly or result in a complete mess.

Save yourself and your wardrobe from panic-buying the dregs left on the rails once the heatwave has already hit and plan ahead by doing your research.

With so many often conflicting trends going on simultaneously how do you sort out what?s going to going to make you cringe before the season is even over? Take a look at our list of the top trends to avoid and maximise your style instead.

Oversized = Overrated

With droopy shoulders and slouchy cuts, the oversized tailoring trend goes against the every fibre of the sharply suited man. Not all tailoring is created equal, and you can be sure that these revamped 80s and 90s cuts won?t be around to stand the test of time.

Nothing exudes confidence and style like an investment piece so choose a timeless?suit?that will last for far longer than just one season.

However, if you want to achieve a more relaxed feel with your tailoring, then opt for a?smart blazer?and?chinos?in more summery fabrics and colours.

Perfect your patterns

Walk into any store and suddenly you?re sunning yourself in Havana surrounded by a plethora of tropical birds and palms adorning short sleeved shirts buttoned halfway down your chest.

These may be ideal for a bright, white beach, but not so much amongst the City skyscrapers.

Avoid the buyer?s remorse and invest in some proper?patterns?that are much more wearable for the office and the weekend. From tasteful?florals?to bold?geometrics, add style and substance to your summer.

It?s not all-white

It might be one of the biggest runway trends, but wearing white from head to toe is not practical (nor particularly attractive) when going about your normal day.

Give it half an hour on the tube and you?ll come out sporting a dusty grey ensemble showing every scuff and scar of the journey, rather than the pearly white vision you had in mind.

Instead, go for more cooling?neutral tones?in your?chinos?and?jacket?to achieve a serene, continental aesthetic to beat the summer heat.

Less is not always best

An overwhelming, reoccurring trend emerges every summer: wear as little as possible.

Although the temptation to shed as many layers as possible and absorb some sorely needed vitamin D is sometimes too much to bear, half-naked is not a good look at the office even if you have been slaving away at the gym on that #beachbody.

That doesn?t mean you have to slowly boil in heavy fabrics, but you can keep cool by switching up your shirts to lighter?linen?blends that allow air to circulate and remains smart throughout the day.