The Canadian Tuxedo

So. First up – do we all know what a Canadian Tuxedo is? It’s an outfit that is made up of glorious double denim. Jeans and a denim shirt or jacket. Now I’m thinking that initially the description wasn’t meant to be entirely complementary but recently – well, there’s something very acceptable about wearing double denim.

Maybe it’s the ensconcement of the jumpsuit into our daily wardrobes that has made a matching bottom and top infinitely more chic. Or maybe it’s because these days – anything goes. The joy of fashion freedom. So long as you love it, you can wear it – so long as you OWN it. Confidence breeds acknowledgement. Event the kookiest of outfits can look infinitely cool, if the wearer sports them with swagger. In this day and age, individuality is its own trend. Having a style that is bespoke to you, is the ultimate in sartorial.

And when we get back got the topic in hand, actually double denim really isn’t that “out there”. Especially as there are so many options now when it comes to denim shirts. Dare I say, we even have denim blouses?! We’re not talking a classic western style shirt which, when teamed with jeans, can give a whiff of the John Waynes.

No we have frills, we have collars, we have bows. We are talking denim with a good dollop of femininity thrown in, to make them easy to wear during the day, some would even be acceptable for a more corporate look and with the right accessories, these can take you from dress down to evening.

Over on Instagram (under the stories) I am undertaking everyone’s worst nightmare – that of the dreaded jeans shopping. It’s too tricky to post on here as they’re video content BUT I will be able to bring you shortly, my top picks in all styles, as opposed to also included all the duds which are over there in all their glory.

But for today – without further ado, we’re assuming that the bottom half of your body is denim clad and so it’s all about the top half of our Canadian Tuxedo ensemble.

Starting with a bow. What easier way to add instant femininity to a typically more masculine shirt, than with a bow. I should mention that all of these work PERFECTLY with skirts as well as jeans or other trousers.

Keira Bow Neck Shirt from Boden ?60. I am going to throw it out there that I’m not a massive fan of the red jeans with this… I’m not sure it entirely works for me. I think it would work with any shade of denim, as well as khaki or cream and white.

I don’t actually have one of these so there are no photos of me wearing them BUT I’ve ordered the Selected Femme sale one and the La Redoute pussy bow in chambray so there will be styling tips over on Instagram.

I am now on a blouse roll… next up – it’s all about the bow.