Bottega Veneta Pouch

When Bottega Veneta first released?The Pouch?it immediately caught my eye. Its squishy, smooth leather, along with its soft gathered pleats was calling to my inner minimalist. And yet, I did not want to give into the social media hype, so I decided to wait a while and see if I still felt the spark once the bag?s sold out status fell off a bit. Sure enough, the interest stuck, and I was off to pursue one of the fashion world?s biggest ?it? bags.


This bag comes in a few different leathers nappa, intrecciato weave, and butter calf. I decided to go with the calfskin, as it?s the toughest of the three and I can be a bit hard on my bags. Butter calf is the perfect title for this leather because it is truly SO SOFT! The leather itself appears smooth from afar, and as a smooth leather should, it has a soft touch, nice sheen, and a solid flop factor. Up close it has a very flat, small grain, which helps prevent scratches a little better than say, a lambskin. Its simplistic nature and hardware-less design makes it easy to wear with any metal if you?re big on jewelry. I wear a lot of big rings and bracelets on my hands so the Pouch makes a great canvas to show them off. I?m also a big fan of the fact that this design lacks a logo. I?ve been looking for a simple grab and go sort of bag that transitions well from day to night and easily be dressed up or down, and this bag does just that.

Usability + Functionality

Truthfully, even my ?small? bags are oversized, not only because I like the look but I tend to carry a lot. Pictured above is my daily load, but actually it could still hold more. Without the book it can even fit my Sony A7R III camera and a small notepad for when I?m out photographing. The pouch has just a single compartment, so organization can be tough. There have been several times I had to stop when I was walking to try and fish something out. With that being said, I can see how internal pockets could interfere with the bag?s design. When carrying I do have to be mindful of my nails which can be a bit of a chore. No big scratches yet but I have been sure to keep it moisturized and buff the leather after almost every use.