Japanese beauty brands and products you should have on your radar

The world has been obsessed with Korean beauty products for several years now, but Japanese beauty has just as much to offer in terms of excellent and effective beauty products.

The truth is that Japan is responsible for creating some of the very best face serum, cleansers and lotions in the whole wide world, and is the birth place of some of the world?s biggest brand names. SK-II? Shiseido? SUQQU? Yep, all Japanese.

Curious to learn more about the country?s beauty brands and famous 7-step routine? We asked Japanese skincare brand?Cur?l?s aesthetic dermatologist ambassador Dr Catharine Denning for some insight.

What trends has the rest of the world borrowed from Japanese beauty?

?From double cleansing to face masks, there isn?t much that we in UK can?t take from the J-beauty regimen. Double moisturisation is a lesser know trend that I predict to be adopted this year by the UK beauty enthusiasts.

?A great place to start is to use Cur?l?s ceramide-rich dry and sensitive skin range (actually suitable for all skin types despite the name), which incorporates all of the J-beauty steps and is easy-to-use, feels luxurious but at a high street price point.

?More and more in this country we are adopting the effortless, natural make-up look that the Japanese are famous for and so beautiful and hydrated skin is becoming more of a focus, thanks to our trend setting J-beauty friends.?

What are the hero ingredients used in Japanese beauty?

?Japanese skincare tends to use naturally-derived ingredients such as green tea, which acts as an antioxidant on the skin. Rice and silk proteins are great for supporting?hyaluronic acid?production in the skin and so are often found in the hydrating face masks and the lotion step of the J-beauty routine.

?Rice extract is also a good source of ceramides, which are beneficial to repair the skins hydrolipid barrier in compromised skin.?